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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Killer Strawberries shed 100 years, win season opener 4-0

With the departure of 5 stalwart Strawbs (Freight Train Laronde, Butcher Brophey, Ice Marshall Walpole, Warren Peace and Pajama Man) this season, the team went after some able replacements.  The result was a lowering of the combined team age by 100 years and a shift to a faster, younger and better weight distributed team.  The new "young guns" add to a new dimension in team speed not seen since the last century.  There are still a few old crumugeons left on the Strawbs, but it is clear the current roster will compete well.  As Dr. Thug noted after the game, "we're gonna go all the way."  Not to throw water on that flame of optimism, but Dr. Thug says that year in and year out.

The Marquis de Save was brilliant as he always says he is and was well deserved of the shutout even as he and his teammates tried to throw the shutout away in the dying minutes.  GAWD was Gawd.  The Vice continues to unimpress, and Dr. Thug was thrilled the opposition had "wimin folk."  Mag Boy was less of a dirvish and more of a scoring machine, wearing the executive mantle with aplum.  Slickery was too much so and left the game with a trick back to some far flung hot tub and Swedish masseuse.  The Mayor in reslendant plastic skates was as always the fastest player on the ice and came close to realizing speed kills.

The shouts of "We Want the Butcher" quickly died away with the more than capable play of Johnny 2 Good.   The Hanson twins, Tyler and Jason, were perfectly rambunctious, while Devon and Phil whipped around the ice like short track skaters on a roller rink.  Game monikers for the new pups will be forthcoming.

Stay tuned for more exciting news than this following the games to come.

Oh yes, the "die hards" and no new guys retired to the treminal tavren (for IMW) to discuss ales.  8 gift certificates for the old guys were aquired and a few Guiness to validate being at the pub.