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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Winter semester slump

Strawbs 5    Puck-n-Chuck 3
Winter record 10-4-1 (unconfirmed)

Half the team's age was missing with the absence of the most senior members of the team.  With only 7 skaters, the Strawbs  narrowly averted a defeat by the nun Chucks.  Where was Gawd when he was most needed?  Where was the Vice when needed to strong hold the zone?  There must have been a 2 for 1 special on colonoscopies.  The other no shows had good enough reasons.
The Chucks left it all on the ice in this match, but in true Strawberry fashion we managed a victory on paper. No points for style.  

Dr. Thug, scoring 2, achieved his 6432nd goal since his birth if you count the goals from his pre-colonial mesoAmerican stick ball league.  Neil Ha-trick Harris continued his goal streak and is the first rookie since Magboy to surpass the 10 goal a season mark.  If this continues, he may be asked back next season.

Our own tonsorial artist of pain, Barberos the Wicked, dished out a huge body blow directed at the other team's alpha player.  He ejected himself from the game, returned to his cave and feasted on pheasant, tubers and wine.  As a result the league dealt with this swiftly and issued a memo from its satellite head office in Wawa. For reasons of privacy, security and skewed interests, this memo has been redacted.