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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Drawing the Venetians closed

Jan 16 2017
Flying Hawaiians 4 Strawbs 2
(Record 6-8-0)

Marques de Save's return from last week's backwash meant a fighting chance to clip the wings of the flapping Hawaiians.  The Strawbs settled in with great chances and adequate defensive efforts.  The two lines (nice to have) picked away at broken down Baker, but his record speaks to his success; and failing to capitalize on our chances by some strange un-luck further points to the presence of an outstanding curse.  The veterans Pyjama Man and Slickery were able to temporarily snap the curse's hold on the entire game by finding the mesh and earning a goal apiece.  And the Marque was able to deny the flappers on several chances which should have been sure goals.  Our 2 fans gave him standing O's for his illegal acts of grand theft.  The larcenies were so grand that the victim has since taken out insurance on his shots.  But despite the efforts, the additional curse of the blind zebroids (what you get when you mix a zebra and a donkey)  really played a hand in this hard fought loss.  And if you were there, you make up the 99.99% that knew that wasn't a goal.  It is evident how the balance of power is upset by outside forces that should attempt to remain neutral.

Open your blinds man; you are killing the game.