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Monday, April 10, 2006

End of Year SlagFest

The end of year soiree is set for Thursday, April 27 from 6pm till closing at the Greenfield Compound at 105 Viceroy Road. Burgers will be served. The amount of food available to each player will be commensurate with that player's contribution to the team this year, as calculated by an impartial panel of anonymous observers from the Association For The Advancement of Mediocraty in Hockey. Bring $7 to cover food costs and bring your own drinks. If you can't make it, you will be more heavily slagged than usual. Guest appearances by Paris Hilton and the fatter Olsen twin, barring unforeseen circumstances.


1 comment:

Rob Greenfield said...

Pleas post a comment to let me know if you are coming.