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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Bombed by Bosheviks

Game Report

March 3, 2011

Strawbs 4 CCCP 11

Last night, the Killer Strawberries played above the pay grade and got bombed 11-4 by a much better team. They kept it close for the first period, with the score 5-4 for the Bolsheviks after 20 minutes of whiplash. Then deluge began and mercifully ended with the last buzzer.

The boys went out to the Terminal Tavren afterward to point out each other's weaknesses and faux paws (yes, paws). They had left their real paws at home, and these paws are not to be confused with the pause they took for the whole second period, which pause had its own faux pas. They blamed their pause and faux pas on their biological Pas, none of whom was present at the game.

36 Dad's root beers were consumed without any noticeable pause. "Pas de pause" as the French so eloquently put it.

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