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Thursday, June 02, 2011

Magtot Pops out

Next generation Strawb Emerges From Womb

The Immaculate Conception of MagTot Buchwald came to fruition earlier this month (date withheld for privacy reasons) as MagGirl gave birth to a whopping 14 pounder in the outhouse of her parents' cottage in Restoule, On. "We had to use the outhouse" claimed proud dad MagBoy. "All the local inns were booked and there has been a dreadful shortage of mangers."

MagGirl survived the ordeal with nary a scratch and had to be informed that MagTot had been birthed 5 minutes earlier. Apparently his arrival conflicted with her Appletini Hour, a habit she developed over the last couple of years to ease her afternoon boredom. MagBoy' though, fainted at least four times, not because of the trauma of childbirth, the cruel words of his birthing wife or the odour emanating from the outhouse holding pit. It was more of a "there goes my spare time" type of thing.

MagTot, or MagNolian as he is being called at home, has already been signed up for power skating, power biking and power brewing. His future looks bright.


DB said...

Perhaps the name MagMan needs to be reinstated.


Anonymous said...

Goodness mag-gracious, if it's that bright, then we will need to get the little mag-gaffer some Shades!