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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Barn Muckers 5 - Killer Strawberries 3 
(the briefest of reports)

A short handed Strawbs team, in other words, those players who felt like showing up for the game, mucked it up quite well with the Muckers.  With surprising few squabbles about whose turn it was to sit on the bench, the team sucked it up and made the opposing team a tad nervous.  Down by a goal early twice in the game, the Strawbs fought back to end the 1st half tied 2-2.  With 14 minutes left in the game, the Gentlemen's Club was ahead 3-2.  The final 10 minutes of play were tight and competitive with both teams pressing.  The Muckers were forced to work for their win.
The usual Killer Strawberries post-game ensued ... blah blah blah.

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