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Monday, October 24, 2016

Results from effective team management

Strawbs 4 Boozers 2

The Killer Strawberries pull off a classic strawberries win under the leadership of the new executive.  It goes without saying that leaders lead by example and not by pointing in the direction of the goal. Unfortunately some of our rookies still need that kind of direction.
Shinny Sean, with his certificate from an online hockey course entitled  "Get your honorary hockey PHD for 39.99",  played the Box Plus One defensive zone system.  Fortunately the Boozers can't count that high and without a calculator on hand they were no match for this system.

Brought up from the nasty cupcakes (the killer strawberries farm teams farm team) Throne Laronde covered the crease like a tuck tape window sticky side out. 

On the offensive front due to Shinny's relentless badgering of Magboy's lack of scoring, Mag immediately notched a beauty. Turnaround Turner, who was battling 3 Boozers in the corner at the time, sent a laser pass to the streaking Magboy who deflected it in off his bare shine. 

The fire was lit at both ends and not a moment too late as the bad drunks began agitating our 6ft+ enforcers.  Slickery, known for his financial advice, was offering free checking accounts for insubordinate boozers. On a poorly executed pick, Turnaround Turner dropped a boozing Boozer refusing to be losing.

In the end it was the strawberries coming ahead with 2 goals as a result of the offensive wheel style breakout plays and other tricks learned through the online Hockey PHD course.  The bonus motivational WAV files also helped.

It was too late to consume anything but savery victory smothered in winners sauce.

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