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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

News Flash!!!!

This just in ... Strawbs play wrong team in 1st round of playoff, as do Ducks and Crazy Puckers. It seems the correct standings have the Strawbs finisheing in 3rd, the Puckers in 4th, the Aviation in 5th and the Ducks in 6th. According to the schedule the Strwbs should have played the Ducks and the Puckers should have flown with Aviation. Too bad for both the Ducks and Aviation as they were both winners of the wrong games. Strawbs management is on the case. Any "fixes" to this developing story will be posted as they occur.


Anonymous said...

What more can be said about a truely well-organized student activity program brought to an-arena-near-you, by the un-measurable staff of Can't-adore College.
Thank you to Linda 'Sure-not' Turcotte for another incredible and/or incredulous experience!

Can't wait to 'hit the links',

Rob Greenfield said...

It's looking more and more like the game will be re-scheduled for sometime after the college March break.