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Monday, December 08, 2008

Rookie Leads Strawbs' White Squad To Year End Victory

Strawberries 1 F-Word 0 (Default)

Game Report

December 1, 2008

Lured to the rink by the false promise of a possible visit by Santa, the Killer Strawberries iced a full squad for its scheduled match against F-Word. Unfortunately, the members of F-Word don't believe in Santa and decided to send only 2 of its team to do battle.

Instead of knocking off early to the Terminal Tavren, the gritty Strawbs convinced the non-believers to join in an intra-squad match won easily by the Whites. The laggard Greens, led(?) by the Vice, Slickery, the Butcher and Sir Gumby were atrocious. They could not even win the added shootout nor the 6 on 6 finale. Perhaps they were dazzled by the fancy footwork of team's newest addition, Miss Knottybehaviour, pictured below.

Miss Knottybehaviour is expected to stay with the team for as long as she escapes the notice of the more puritanical of its followers.


Anonymous said...

"...not sure what the final score was but I back-checked her, fore-checked her and in the end...had to give her my paycheque!
But, it was worth it!"


Anonymous said...

She looks like she plays defense.

Anonymous said...

I believe she is modelling the new Killer Strawberry thong outfit. Note the logo.


mr fkia said...

This is a femme-bot from the anthrax galaxie.....beware!!

Slickery said...

It seems to me that the home owner in the background has spent more than a paycheque on miss "KB". Hopefully soon, she will be sent down to the minors so he could spend more time with the renovations.

Back-Check, Fore-Check and Bounce-Check.


Anonymous said...

Dear Slickery,

Miss Knotty will be staying with the club for the season and beyond. She has been invited to the Aloha Baby Compound in Oahu for the holidays in order to hone some of her soft skills. The Executive sees a bright future for her.