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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Strawberry pictures from Aloha Compound

Successful completion of 10,023 ft. Volcano run, in record 54:57 minutes. (Big Hawaii in background)

 "Aloha Compound training exercises, jog up 10,023 feet to the  top of the dry Haleakala volcano, just to build a thirst."

"Secret never seen before photos inside Aloha Compound"

 "Three Strawberries after a night on the town. The two jerseyed Strawberries are reminiscing  with the naked Strawberry in jail on how successful the re-hydryation exercises the night before went."

"Old Strawberry put out to pasture"

 "Discreet pictures of the Olsen twins teaching core building exercises for Strawberries. They send their love to the Ice Marshall."

"Two Strawberries, higher than normal"

" Aloha Compound wet training area, to develop the core muscles."

"Warm Strawb travelers
Visit Aloha compound
Dehydration cured"


Rob Greenfield said...

Windy up there or what!
Naked Strawb, where? All I see is a Gumby.
I recognize the twins, they never change.

icemarshall said...

I think Ashley is finally rounding out as requested.

The "put out to pasture" Strawberry bears an incredible likeness to the Butcher, only less corpulent.

Glad to see that the trsaining regimen is being followed to a T.


Anonymous said...

I couldn't attend in-person so, I sent my trusted stunt-double!