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Friday, November 01, 2013

Marquis de Slave

Game Report

Killer Strawberries 5 Scrapper 4  

Oct 28, 2013

The team took to the ice with almost a full roster again. "The Fill" was absent while Shiny made his debut with the newly reformed Killer strawberries team.  The most noticeable back-filled absence was none other than the permanently whipped Marquis de Slave who hadn't the balls to arrange for a honeymoon much closer to the arena.  The Ontario North lands repair depot would have been a great spot to honeymoon. It features high ceilings and a wonderful cafeteria.  Or how about Arclin Canada Limited. I hear they have wonderfully decorated 4000 gal holding tanks with competitive prices and free parking. 

While both of those getaway spots are a honeymooners dream, the Marquis needlessly shacked up in some remote expensive sweet spending his time watching NHL hockey and TSN replays while the beautiful Mrs M.D.S surfed the net for thank you cards.

We hope you enjoyed your time off and Congratulations!  

Please Note: The executive has decided that this is your final marriage and or honeymoon. See you Thursday.

A few die-hards convened at the tavern where nothing much was consumed.

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Rob Greenfield said...

Nice "no mention" of the spare keeper