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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Strawbs pinch out a BM victory

Game Report

Killer Strawberries 4 Barn Muckers 3 

Nov 11, 2013 (One to remember)

In one of the Strawbs toughest matches of the season, and with only 10 skates this time, the squad was able to notch a 5th straight victory.  Gawd was missing.  A courtesy call indicated that he was tied up in meetings on Church Street, Toronto. In his words, "I've got to go down for a group hug." Good luck with just hugging. Not only did you put us out but you will likely have to put out too.  Clean your equipment before you return to the ice.  Phillter Queen was missing as well.  Until he's plugged in we won't know if he sucks. That may sound like a shot, but its a pretty accurate statement.

Those that did show know how much trouble those Muckers can be.  Marquis de Saviour, filled with honeymoon testosterone, saved many breakaways and countless wristers and whack-at-ers.  Shiny and the Vice watched the BM's pass the puck around like onlookers at a ping pong tournament. They kept their opponents wide by not moving much.  Johnny 2 Good and Devilish had their hands full clearing the puck to whom ever would take it. Sometime they got it back right away.
Despite the lack of clearing attempts and puck control, the forward lines did what they do best, look to their executive to save the day. Magboss opened the scoring due to a beauty pass from Slickery. 
The second marker was again a product of Slickery's charity. This year the executive promises a tax write off each time Slick donates a pass to another teammate. In 2012 Slick had nothing to claim.
The Hanson bros, despite their tin foiled hands, tag teamed a few nifty goals with the Mayor's support.

The executives, past and present, retired to the terminal tavren where the board discussed its IPO positioning. With 5 wins and at least 1 fan per game, it's time to start selling shares.

2 lbs of fragmented gallus domesticus and a small amount of ale were consumed.


Rob Greenfield said...

"by standard"?????

I did some editing, it's my thing, sort of like correcting essays but without the grades.
The Vice

DB said...

Excellent. I appreciate that. Thanks