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Monday, December 02, 2013

Slick Trick

Nov. 28 Game Report

Strawberries 6 - Mongeese Flew South (4)

The Slick is back! Not since we played that team without a goalie has Slick recorded a slicktrick.  Hats rained on to the ice. They were great hats too.  Hats like Bombardier, Molson 50, CP Rail, Gawd is Watching (with a picture of Gawd winking).  Someone tossed one of those "Who Farted" hats. You know the one that looks roughed up like it was worn to a Zoo and Wilders washroom fight? The Zebras picked all the hats up but that one. They just left it in the corner all game.  We scored a goal because of it.  The Mayor's goal went in off of the hat. He was awarded the goal despite trying to keep his distance from the on-ice warning message of some possible broken wind.

Magboy netted a TSN replay worthy goal off a high flick pass from the Mayor.  He knocked the puck down with his glove, returned both hands to his stick and notched it in while highfiving the Mayor and texting.

In the net stood our disposable net minder, Dokota DC3, whose flaps were up every time the Mongeeseses rafter daddy shots lifted off. Their attempts to outplay the shorthanded Strawbs were futile especially when Gawd and the Vice can play the entire game. The Vice's beauty goal is another testament to the D's outstanding play. As a matter of fact we saw a lot of out standing the entire game.

After the final whistle the team's defibrillator was used to treat Gawd and The Vice's supra-ventricular tachycardia. On the bench they call it "feeling tachy again".  In the room the Fiss brothers decided to make a jack ass video and jolt each other in their post game masochist ritual.  In the end we were all shocked, especially those showering at the time. [No footage was actually recorded]

Post game a few Veteran Strawbs convened at the Tavren for a post game sip and the awarding of a custom printed hat for The Vice.  "Who Sharted". 


Rob Greenfield said...

Whew, nice to see that the cub reporter is back. I've had a hard time remembering what happened in the games.

Anonymous said...

Great game boys! It was a fun one, even if we only had two defence (same as it ever was - actually worse...we usually have three) great to see everyone contributing to the cause. Let's keep-up the good play and the 'run' alive!
P.S. - There is a limited supply of 'Gawd is Watching' hats available for only 39.95 + HST - GAWD sez: "These will be gone by Christmas so get yours today!"