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Thursday, December 19, 2013

T'was the Night Before the Killer Strawberries' Christmas

T’was the break before Christmas,
And all through the league
Teams looked at the standings
And saw the Strawbs, with intrigue

“How could they be first?”
The pubescent boys inquired,
“They’ve past the best before date,
And are almost expired!”

But in the midst of a rebuild,
The Strawbs came on strong,
With better ideas this year than
Beer cases with thongs.

Was it the dropping of Butcher,
from the ol’ chopping block?
Or was there something terribly wrong
With the arena’s score clock?

Could it be Ice Marshall Walpole,
An exec from last year,
Who protested the four-heads
And packed up his gear?

Perhaps with the divestment
Of a Freight Train we knew
That by 44%
Our chances of winning grew.

According to the Strawbs,
Who are toughing it out
They are encouraged by Dr. Thug,
And his infamous shout.

And if you ask one Gawdawful Gumby
He’ll say it’s because,
In an exaggerated tone:
“Same as it ever was.”

Mark Wagner

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