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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Under the watchful eye of  Ice Marshall Walpole (Ret.), the Killer Strawberries extended its early season winning streak to six wins and 0 losses.  In typical Strawbs fashion, the team played to the level of its competition, and in this particular case, it was anything but a beauty.  Out chanced, out worked, out muscled, out lucked, but not out scored, the team eeked out a win by one goal.  Suffice to say the Strawbs were not overly happy with their play, but all were quick to note "a win is a win."  They were probably out quoted by the opposing team as well.

Most of the vets retired to the terminal tavren following the game to enjoy anything but re-hashing the game.  As has been the case all season, no rookies were invited to the post game soiree.  The usual lies, drinks and food were consumed.

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