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Thursday, February 06, 2014

First Tie of 2014

Game Report (1-0 record)

Killer Strawberries 5   Mighty Ducks 5

Jan 30, 2014

Magdad returned to the line up, after missing his only game not due to a life threatening surgical procedure. (The Butcher's services were turned down several times) His absence was due to a mandatory meeting with a new fan for the team. It will take months of training before she is ready to cheer properly.  

Magdad's return provided the much needed motivation in order to compete with the feisty Ducks who were no doubt aiming to provide the Strawbs with their first back to back set of loses.  Slick made the board with many assists and a nice mesh bender.  Much of the offense came from our defense who pushed the play past the blue line on several occasion.   Before the buzzer Mayor's line tied the game up with a trick shot from the team's most improved player, the tunnel boring play maker sometimes know as FISSUREMAN.
You can't tell this by the score, but the Marquis continues to prove himself playoff worthy and perhaps the team's MVP.

To my knowledge no one regrouped at the terminal tavren or ate avian meat parts or drank southern Ontario swill.