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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

A Hit Below the Crossbar

Game report (4-3 record)

Strawbs 1 - The Load Slinger 0 (with a slight case of carpel tunnel)

Regrets tonight were Dr Thug (suffering from a wind tunnel testing injury), Shiny and Riley Motors.  

Their jerseys were menacing like Viper's jet from Top Gun.  In this story Goose did not die, and the ice man wasn't an egotistical hero supporting antagonist rather simply a solid water resurfacing engineer. Enough with 80 classics.  The Straws hit them below the crossbar and earned a 1 nothing game early.

Marquis came up large on a few key occasions playing a great positional game in net.  It was once said that Marquis de Save can be as reliable as a good quality toilet paper. 1

Fortunately for us, the Load Slingers, whose evening practices occur in front of a mirror, couldn't put it south of the cross bar on most open shots. Philly Cheese won 103% of all face offs including 2 from the bench. Sarge and Ken kept on the pressure nearly scoring every shift with Ken play-making the only assist of the game winning goal.

Slick and Mayor Maynot "didn't" but that's OK because most of their time was well spent killing time trying to score through a log truck spill of sticks that lay'ed across the shooting lanes and crease.

The big stars tonight were the short staffed defense. Credit goes to The Vice, Fiss'erman Bro and Charlie Tango.  Bravo to you in November, lets go drink some whiskey..... hope you echo that. 

It was too early to go anywhere but home and consume anything beige.... anything.


Rob Greenfield said...

Nice. Nice to finally see a reporter show up for a Strawbs game.

Anonymous said...

At least the reporter showed up. Sounds like there was no shortage of on-ice absenteeism by those who dressed for the game.

A note of advice to the reporter. Don't be so nice. Praise never no got no Strawberry nowhere, never.


Anonymous said...

And grammar mockery did?