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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Game report (6-4-1 record)

Strawbs 2 - Easton Infected 3

In recent history, the Brew Crew smoked a few HackDarts and played rough with the Easton who caused a Master Bladder Infection when they should have been Load Slinging or feeding the Mongeese.

Last night the Strawberries, with only 5 skaters + goalie (the minimum), had a great chance of winning against the Infected.  The only opportunity for rest was to perform a deed worthy of a slow glide to the Sin Bin where your BPM was sure to fall below 200 for only a few minutes.  3 Strawbs played the whole game while the other 3 warmed up the seat next to the time keep.

The EF squad of 12+ players failed to cease this game as a sure win. The Strawbs have the ability to play at the other teams' level, to rise to the challenge and play with competitive plasticity. You give it 100 when you need 100 or give it 60 when that's all you need.  

6 absent players decided that ZERO was good enough. Homework, workwork, dental distress, mental arrest and watching dancing with the stars on US timeshift were among the reasons for missing the game.   Playing hockey is supposed to be one of those events that you don't miss unless you have misplaced your heart beat,  lost a few limbs or failed to change your clock back to daylight savings time.

1 comment:

Rob Greenfield said...

Wunderbar report.
As one of the 3, and the oldest, I challenge the absents to attempt that.