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Monday, November 14, 2016

From Draft to De Saved

Nov. 10, 2016
Strawbs 4 - Load Slingers .999  

Down 4 Strawbs.  Ankle Turner potted his first goal as a Strawb on a nifty deke move while Dr. Thug cemented his 130441st goal since the Holocene period began but only his 8432nd since Yahweh flipped his staff around and wired the first fig into a fallen dragon blood tree.  It's also noteworthy that the puck from Dr. Thug's first goal was found at the layer of sediment between Holocene and the Pleistocene period, so it is possible that he was playing hockey much before that.

The Mayor also nested a dandy goal procured by his fine glass like footwork which he had developed through countless hours at ice capades' practises. Maboy slipped a dandy reacharound goal past the slanky net slinger who was slung out to dry by his defence.  Sarge and Rossey were bearing much of the defensive load to shut down any chance of the Slingers slanging. They may have accidentally interfered with the offensive duties of the power forwards and assisted on a few goals. They are forgiven.

If not for sloppy tongues, the Strawbs wouldn't have filled the sin bin leaving the majority of the work to the seldom appreciated Marquis de Save who only faltered once during a 5 on 3.  The Marquis' recent re-draft from the Nasty Cup Cakes, the Killer Strawberries' farm team's farm team, has obviously paid off. And let it be known, that as long is the score is in our favour, the executive will hold it's keyboard on written lashings and humorous derogatory similes.   

A few devout Strawbs convened late at the Terminal Tavern.  2 baskets of junglefowl, 1 Norther Ale, 2 Mill Street organic and 1 water with lemon were consumed. 

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Rob Greenfield said...

Yeah! Miss those type of games. Great report ( I did some grammar editing).