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Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Still 2 to 1 after a recount

Mongeese 2 Strawbs 1
(Record 2-3-0)

Half of the executive was missing along with the entire 3rd line.  When they return they will be moved to the 4th line, and Dr Thug will single handily shift the 3rd spot and likely kill any disease or adolescence that moves.   The missing Strawbs were off to explore their partisan antidisestablishmentarianism south of the boarder at the Aloha Baby Compound in Oaho.  For 89 bucks, transportation to and from the compound was provided. Paid for were meals, including the famous Humuhumunukunukuapua'a, and chips served with a gallon of mayo, drinks and diabetic medications.
Accommodations were in Oaho at the Ice Marshal's very own suits which often resembles the hotel room scene from Hangover 2 the morning after a huge party. That S$#@ does not come off.

While these 4 deserve to be tossed under the campaign bus, the rest of the Strawbs deserve credit for upping their game against the infamous Madgeese.

On defense, Mayor Maynot and the executive's own luminous Magboy were nothing shy of  exemplary.  When on the ice, goals against were as locked in as divide by zero mathematics.  Fans flipped sides and started voting cheering for a new luminary leader and his Vice replacement, a sure sign of a bright future for the Mayor.  The other D's performance would only be notable had Magboy not dropped back to redefine the doctorate of successful defensivenessisiousity. But this top exec was also making the saves, and if the the Ice Marshal was reporting, he would say Magboy was as dependable as a 2 ply sheet of Bounty absorbing a spill of strawberry koolaid. Oh Ya!

Despite the score, the Strawbs led the game for the first period. The first marker was notched by the youngest addition, Stashery, the current front runner for the top rookie award.
Pyjama Man, back from his Astroville Hockey commissioner role, was as effective as an above average intelligent mule hyped up on coffee battling a case of restless leg syndrome.  

If not for Gristly son of Thorin, who was on hand to unseat conventional wisdom with calls straight out of the playbook of Donald, perhaps the end result would have been different. On one occasion he coasted through the legs of Turnaround Tuner and halted an otherwise normal play like Hefner sending the janitors home before bed time at the mansion. He once ordered a bewildered Mongoose to go back to the corner and fetch his teeth before he would allow play to commence. 

Only overcooked reef trigger fish, potato cuts, turbulence and Bruce Springsteen's greatest hits were consumed somewhere over the Pacific.


Rob Greenfield said...

Great report - lively as well.
(I did some grammar editing including capitals, and the last sentence isn't and needs some tuning up)

DB said...

Thanks. The edits are welcome.

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