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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

WAAAAAA! I Want My Mommy.
(Gumby Pettigrew Locates A Glaring Omission To The Game Report Of Dec 1)

I, "Gumby" Pettigrew, am somewhat dismayed and also disappointed that no mention was made of the obvious issue involving 'zebra-vision' and the ensuing calling-back of two, yes, 2 (in-case you understand #s better) potential goals, on two/2 separate occassions, against the very same player, on virtually identical shots.
Not only is it imperative that our supporters/readers be made aware of the obvious challenge the Strawbs face game-in and game-out, with this new form of potential viral-type pandemic now be labelled as 'zebra-vision,' but I also believe that the Strawbs Executive (and Paris) need to be informed of this as well.

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