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Sunday, February 22, 2009

See Mike, I do catch fish

This fish was a sleeper. He didn't start fighting until I told him his next best friend was basil.

Still no decent pikerel yet.


Anonymous said...

Magboy...nice job. I believe everything you tell me!
Same as decent little Pike - probably a little bigger and yesterday, a nice Pickeral that was just over 16 inches - he lived to see another day. Oh well...great pics though - what'ya using to take them?


Rob Greenfield said...

Gumbo??? Who is this guy??

Anonymous said...

Thanks Gumbo. Kinda sounds like you are the kinda guy that solves crimes and always puts the bad guy away.

regardless, perhaps we can finally do some fishing together.


Ice Marshal Walpole said...

Too bad you fishing visionaries don't put as much effort into playing hockey as you do dipping your poles into frozen holes.