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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Pointless Again

Killer Strawberries 1 Thrashers 5

Game Report

February 17, 2011

The Strawbs played well, holding the game to 1-1 until last 10 minutes, against a much stronger team. Then stuff went wrong and the game got so chippy on both sides that the Strawbs' asked that the clock be run out for the final 2 minutes.

This was supposed to be a playoff seeding game. Unfortunately, the large foreheads which run the league forgot to think about what was to come next. OOPS! Now all teams find themselves exactly where they started...wherever that was.

After the match, the team reassembled at the Terminal Tavren to do what they do best...only this time they did it better.

5 jugs of liquid chaos were consumed

1 comment:

Rob Greenfield said...

I have to say that the "reporter" has submitted two really shitty reports in a row. Both illustrate so obviously the "reporter" was not at either of the games. In other words, he "phoned it in."
There were so many pionts of issue missed including the suitcase awarding shenanigans. This is definitely not the stuff the Killer Strawberries are mad of.
Either the "reporter" steps up his game or he may lose the legions of loyal readers.
The Vice