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Monday, November 07, 2005


This is a partial list of former Killer Strawberries, or "Strawberries Gone to Seed." If you can think of any more names please comment and add the names.

Mike Pettigrew, Don McLEan, Denis Perron, Derek Erickson, Ruth Dillabough, Lori Springall, Amanda Bradford, Brian Hoult, Harry Burton, Bryan Anderson, Dean Haley, Rick Bishop, Roy Coxshead, Dan Cote, Mark Merrit, Duane Walpole, Reg Neeposh, Sylvain Cote, Steve O'Farrell, Cedric Deschamps, Kim Nguyen, Phil Popp, Kevin Roy, Justin Mathias, Jonathon Witt, Craig Vanier, Paul Cunningham, Greg Horner, Karen Bates, Jesse Demaine, Frank (from up north), Guy from the Soo who played midget, Dave Richmond, Sluggo, John Groulx,

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Anonymous said...

Here's a list form the Website CD

- Bryan Anderson - near Sarnia - old pro golf tour
- Ruth Dillabough - NBAY housewife
- Lori Springall - Ins. Rep
- Dan Cote - NBay - working
- Justin Mathias - NBay
- Derek ERicson
- Glenn BRophy
- Rick Bishop - Ind Rad
- Roy Coxhead
- Gerald Laronde
- Dennis Perron
- Amanda Bradford - Nepean
- Cedric Deschamps
- Reg Neeposh - Lightning coach
- Sylvain Cote
- Kim Nguyen
- Craig Vanier
- Paul Cunningham
- Jessie Demaine
- Greg Horner
- Steve O'Farrell - 911
- Lise, Karen, John (goalie last yr), Dave (beard),
Frank (small French guy,