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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Killer Strawbs Go Commercial (DOT COM)

At our last post game outing some members pooled together the funds for the registry of the domain name Was that supposed to be the tip money?
I didn't think a dot com was available and that we would have to settle for a dot ca, but for some reason no other organization, until now, has capitalized on the availability of this domain name.

As of Jan 24 2006 8:45PM The Killer Strawberries Hockey Club paid for, with tip money, and registered (under my name) the domain name The address now re-directs to our free Google blog so start using the new name. Like every other addictive get rich quick scheme, lets make some money and retire.

PS. Don’t sit there all day and click on the ads, as Google will revoke our account.

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